Begonia 'Masoniana' (Iron Cross Begonia)
Begonia 'Masoniana' (Iron Cross Begonia)

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Begonia 'Masoniana' (Iron Cross Begonia)

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Begonia 'Masoniana' is a classic specimen for collectors of exotic foliage plants. It has medium-sized, asymmetrical leaves with a puckered, leather-like texture and a bristly feel to them.

The distinction is the chocolate brown, cross-shaped markings in the middle of apple green leaves. The markings resemble the Iron Cross symbol used during medieval crusades, from where the plant gets its popular name, Iron Cross Begonia. Simply awe-inspiring.

Ceramic flower pot is included.

This plant is roughly 35cm in height.

Just like in nature, there is going to be variation between each plant but will be similar to the picture in size and vibrance. We make every effort to ensure that you receive the healthiest and nicest plants possible. If the pictured ceramic pot is not available, we will substitute for a pot of similar color/size, and of equal or greater value.