Nageia Nagi
Nageia Nagi

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Nageia Nagi

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Nageia Nagi, the Asian bayberry, is an ancient gymnosperm, originated about 155 million years ago in the Cretaceous period of the Mesozoic era, known as a living fossil in China where it is native.

The leaves are lanceolate in shape and are arranged sub opposite on the branches. Leaves are smooth and glossy, lacking a mid-vein. The new leaves are light green and as they age they become dark green. The leaves produce a very unique tea-like fragrance when crushed, and have the effect of purifying air, resisting pollution, and strongly repelling mosquitoes.

Nageia Nagi is a hardy tree species that can withstand a range of weather conditions, able to thrive in shady, humid, and loamy conditions, and prefers moist soil that is well-drained. Therefore it is low-light tolerant and makes an excellent indoor pot plant.

Ceramic flower pot is included.

This plant is roughly 30cm in height.

Just like in nature, there is going to be variation between each plant but will be similar to the picture in size and vibrance. We make every effort to ensure that you receive the healthiest and nicest plants possible. If the pictured ceramic pot is not available, we will substitute for a pot of similar color/size, and of equal or greater value.