Grace & Favour Indoor / Outdoor Plants - Calathea ‘Medallion’

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Calathea ‘Medallion’ is a cultivar of calathea selected for round leaves with vibrant markings resembling a medallion.

Calatheas are often called ‘prayer plants’ due to their unique leaf movements: they raise and lower their leaves from night to day as a part of their circadian rhythm, a phenomenon called nyctinasty. Leaf movements are controlled by a flux of water pressure in the pulvini - nodes at the base of the leaves. Scientists theorize that these movements are meant to follow the sun and catch as much light as possible - an essential trait for a forest-floor-dwelling plant!

Low-light tolerant, enjoys humidity, and air purifying - this stunning houseplant can go almost anywhere in your home.

Ceramic flower pot is included.

This plant is roughly 40cm in height.

Just like in nature, there is going to be variation between each plant but will be similar to the picture in size and vibrance. We make every effort to ensure that you receive the healthiest and nicest plants possible. If the pictured ceramic pot is not available, we will substitute for a pot of similar color/size, and of equal or greater value.