♥ Un amour éternel | Eternal Love
♥ Un amour éternel | Eternal Love

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♥ Un amour éternel | Eternal Love

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選用精品厄瓜多爾紫白雙色玫瑰,平日此款花束需要至少提早10日訂購。 如您需要在更短的時間內送達,可通過聯絡客服查詢。

Made with the most special luxury Ecuadorian tinted black roses and premium pink roses, this is the perfect choice for hopeless romantics.

Black roses declare feelings of eternal love. Looking for an awe-inspiring Valentine’s Day gift? Order this charming and cute bouquet for a mesmerizing arrangement gushing with zeal and true romance.

Your choice of 12, 24, 36, 52, or 99 love-filled tinted white-and-blue Ecuadorian roses.

All of our flower products are individually crafted from the best blooms daily. Gift wrapping of the bouquet and a complimentary gift card are included.

Sample picture is of 24 stems.

1. Prepare a clean vase, a pair of scissors, clean water, and flower food if any.
2. Mix flower food with water, following the instruction on the packet.
3. Add the mixed solution or water to the vase.
4. Carefully remove the packaging of the bouquet.
5. Give each stem a fresh cut at an angle.
6. Place your bouquet in the vase. Avoid direct sunlight and keep in a cool and ventilated place.

If you have a specific request, please get in touch with us and we will make our best effort to accommodate.