Grace & Favour Indoor / Outdoor Plants - Stromanthe Triostar

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With its vivid pastel stripes, Stromanthe Triostar (Stromanthe sanguinea or Stromanthe thalia, also known as tricolor stromanthe) is one of the best plants to add a pop of color and dreamy tropical vibes to your space.

Native to the jungles of Brazil, this lush plant features elegantly pointed green leaves splashed with pale green, cream, and pink on top, with deep pink, maroon, or magenta color underneath.

As a member of the prayer plants family along with marantas and calatheas, Stromanthe Triostar will naturally fold up its leaves at night, showing off their striking undersides.

Ceramic flower pot is included.

This plant is roughly 30cm in height.

Just like in nature, there is going to be variation between each plant but will be similar to the picture in size and vibrance. We make every effort to ensure that you receive the healthiest and nicest plants possible. If the pictured ceramic pot is not available, we will substitute for a pot of similar color/size, and of equal or greater value.