My Queen
My Queen
My Queen

小生有禮 Grace & Favour

My Queen

定價 HK$1,580
單價  每 

Would you expect anything less of a bouquet to celebrate a true queen?

There are no holds barred with this exquisite arrangement of adventurous diversity of textures and brilliant colors. As glorious as her majesty, radiant shades of coral and pink, pops of fuchsia and ivory complete this arrangement perfectly. These blooms will thrill the eye of a queen — guaranteed.

This stunning arrangement features lush French peonies, Ecuadorian alstroemeria and roses, Columbian carnations and Dutch tulips, hand-tied into a beautiful bouquet.




中號: 花束直徑約 30-35cm
大號: 花束直徑約 40-45cm
豪華: 花束直徑約 50-55cm

1. 準備花器、剪刀、淨水、營養液/粉
2. 根據營養液/粉包裝上所示比例,與淨水混合稀釋,製成營養水
3. 將營養水倒入花器
4. 小心去除花禮包裝
6. 佈置擺放,請避免陽光直射及空調直吹